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Census2010/USA_Census_Diversity_Index (MapServer)

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Service Description: This map shows the percentage of the Population that is Asian in the U.S., by state, county, tract and block group. The data shown is from the U.S. Census Bureau's SF1 and TIGER data sets for 2010. The map is built between the scales of 1:73m and 1:36k, and switches from state, to county, to tract, to block group data as the map zooms in.

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Layers: Description: Multiscale map showing an Index of Racial/Ethnic Diversity in the U.S. in 2010 The map is built between the scales of 1:73,000,000 and 1:36,000, and switches from state, to county, to tract, to block group data as the scale increases. The Diversity Index shows the likelihood that two persons chosen at random from the same area, belong to different race or ethnic groups. The index ranges from 0 (no diversity) to 100 (complete diversity). The diversity score for the entire United States in 2010 is 60. This data variable is included in Esri’s Updated Demographics (2010/2015). Diversity in the U.S. population is increasing. The states with the most diverse populations are California, Hawaii, and New Mexico. The geography depicts States at greater than 25m scale, Counties at 1m to 25m scale, Census Tracts at 250k to 1m scale, and Census Block Groups at less than 250k scale. Esri's Updated Demographics (2010/2015) – Population, age, income, sex, and race are among the variables included in the database. Each year, Esri's data development team employs its proven methodologies to update more than 2,000 demographic variables for a variety of geographies. See Updated Demographics for more information.

Copyright Text: ©2012 Esri, U.S. Census Bureau

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